Beyond The Moment

Family Camp

The hallmark of our Beyond the Moment program is our annual Family Camp at Children’s Harbor on Lake Martin. Since 2000, Family Camp has not only provided our children with a summer camp experience they would not ordinarily be able to have, but has also given their parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet and talk to other families in similar circumstances. Each year Magic Moment campers look forward to reuniting with their friends from across the state and many of our families have become so connected through Family Camp they continue the relationship throughout the year.

Regional Ballpark Nights

Magic Moments Nights at our minor league ball parks are just one of the ways Magic Moments connects our families throughout the year. Click here to see when Magic Moments will be hosting the next Regional Ballpark Night in your area.

Holiday Parties

Celebrate with Magic Moments during Holiday Magic events in Birmingham and Mobile and the River Region Valentines Party in Montgomery. These events do not cost anything for our magic moment recipients and their families. Check our calendar of events to find our more details when they become available.